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Google’s Big Data IoT Play For Manufacturing

Tom Howe, Senior Enterprise Consultant, Manufacturing, Google

Posted By Paul Tate, June 13, 2014 | “What if storage and compute power were free? How would that change the way you look at Big Data and the Internet of Things?” asked Tom Howe, Google’s senior enterprise consultant for manufacturing during last week’s 10th Manufacturing Leadership Summit in Palm Beach, Fla.


DMDII Leader Describes DMDII Goals As “Big, Hairy, Audacious”

Dean Bartles, Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII)

Posted By Jeff Moad, June 10, 2014 | There’s big data, and then there’s Big Data. The Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), launched early this year, is targeting the later as part of its three-part mission, says Dean Bartles, the institute’s executive director who spoke at last week’s Manufacturing Leadership Summit.


Are You Ready for Disruption and Disintermediation?

Stephen Hoover, Chief Executive Officer, Palo Alto Research Center

Posted By Sue Pelletier, June 06, 2014 | If technology has not yet completely disrupted the way you ideate, design, fund, source, make, and ship products, just wait a few minutes, because your entire value chain is ripe for change. So said Stephen Hoover, Chief Executive Officer, Palo Alto Research Center during a discussion on the power of breakthrough innovation at the 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Summit. He pointed out just how and why it has already happened in industries from the media to healthcare and education, and how innovations such as 3D printing and self-learning robots are really just the tip of the change iceberg for manufacturers.


Fashioning a New Future with Disruptive Technology

Francis Bitoni at Manufacturing Leadership Summit 2014

Posted By Sue Pelletier, June 06, 2014 | Francis Bitoni, Principle and Founder of the Francis Bitoni Studio, blew a few minds yesterday at the Manufacturing Leadership Summit held in Palm Beach, Fla., as he walked us through how his studio uses a blend of computer-driven techniques and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to design, construct, and manufacture some fairly otherworldly fashion and home goods products.


Top Winners Honored at the 10th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Awards Gala

Manufacturing Leadership Awards 2014

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif—June 6, 2014 Four manufacturing leaders who are driving the transformation of manufacturing as a sustainable, safe, and responsible source of global economic growth and innovation were recognized last night with top honors at the 10th annual Manufacturing Leadership Awards, presented by the Manufacturing Leadership Community, part of Frost & Sullivan.


Summit Delegates: Renee Eaton, CEO, RapidMade


A high point for me was when Francis Bitonti gave an intriguing presentation on his evolutionary – maybe revolutionary is a better description – journey from architect to product designer. The audience was clearly impressed with his accomplishments (as they should have been), but it left me wondering if people made the connection between these examples and manufacturing. I guess we’ll know we’re mainstream when that is standard operating procedure and no longer noteworthy.


Can Software Help Make the World a Cleaner, Safer, Better Place?

Ravi Pandit, Chairman and Group CEO of high-tech company, KPIT Technologies

Posted By Paul Tate, June 05, 2014 | As products become increasingly intelligent, and software becomes an ever-more significant factor in how those products operate, perform and interact with customers, the world has an unprecedented opportunity to create a cleaner, safer and more worthwhile environment for industries, societies and individuals in the future, believes Ravi Pandit, Chairman and Group CEO of high-tech company, KPIT Technologies.


GM Carves Out Space for Innovation

Cathy Clegg, Vice President, Global Manufacturing Engineering, General Motors

Posted By Jeff Moad, June 05, 2014 | Most manufacturing engineers live in a very predictable, repeatable world. Standardized work is the goal, and engineers work very hard to eliminate exceptions. So how can you encourage engineers on your team to break away from standard ways of thinking and innovate in new ways?


Women in Manufacturing: Leading the Way

Women in Manufacturing Panel

Posted By Sue Pelletier, June 05, 2014 | Manufacturing has traditionally been a male-dominated field, but that doesn’t mean that women can’t—and haven’t—been able to work their way to leadership positions in some of today’s top manufacturing organizations. At the 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Summit, Allison Grealis, Director, Women in Manufacturing, Precision Metalforming Association, led a panel of such women in a wide-ranging discussion of what has helped, and what has hindered, them in their career paths.


Developing Breakthrough Materials to Produce Better Products Faster

Aziz Asphahani, President and CEO of QuesTek Innovations

Posted By Sue Pelletier, June 06, 2014 | Aziz Asphahani, President and CEO of QuesTek Innovations LLC, showed the manufacturing executives at the 2014 Manufacturing Leadership Summit, held this week in Palm Beach, Fla., how his company has used Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, or ICME, to develop and commercialize breakthrough materials and alloys that dramatically cut the time to market for a wide range of products.